Is March the new, new year?

goal setting habit change intention Mar 08, 2023
Is March the new, new year?

What does March feel like to you?  Think about those moments when you see a lingering snow drops, perhaps first yellow of daffodil emerging from the quiet hibernation of winter.  The moment that those buds of yellow breakthrough and the whisper of warmer days gets louder.

New life is incumbent on the turning of the seasons, autumn through to winter and now spring is part of the circling nature of our existence.

Just like the seasons our moods and feelings, our circumstances can rise and fall, and rise again.  But spring, spring and March especially is a time of emergent growth.

Those projects you have been slow to grow, or habits that you want to change. You can now shrug off the cloak of unwilling.  It may be offering a false warmth, reassurance, or even comfort in those old patterns when in your heart you know it’s time for change.

Let yellow be your colour for March, the yellow of those daffodils, the yellow of the sun as it spends more time brightening your day. It can be a time of letting go and of establishing new habits for a new cycle of growth. 

This month the spring equinox falls on the Monday March the 20th and the new moon is on the 21st, so it’s the perfect time to set an intention for new projects.

Enjoy this simple intention setting exercise.

I’m a big believer in doing small things that make a big difference, especially if you are pulled in lots of different directions and find little time for yourself. This is one of those small things.

Think of any new work projects you may wish to seed, a new sports routine, a personal art project, an intention to travel, or maybe just do something differently…there may be many things you want to choose. But for now, just pick one.


  • Set aside a quiet space, perhaps light a candle. You can also put on some music.


  • Allow yourself some time, it may be just 10 minutes or maybe longer, perhaps you only have 5. Whether it’s 5 minutes or 20 minutes it will be enough time.


  • You can also have some yellow thread that you can tie around your wrist that represents this intention.


  • Use the 321, relax, relax relax (If you have read my books, you’ll be familiar with this simple lengthening breath), or a simply breathe in and out to relax your body and mind.


  • When you feel your shoulders softening, and any tension starting to leave your body you can allow yourself to play your intention in your mind as if it were really happening. Make adjustments and changes to it until it is just how you wish it to be.


  • Then when it is exactly how you wish it to be imagine stepping into and inhabiting that intention, the behaviour, the feeling, fold into it with ease.


Top tip:  You can download a free app like insight timer which has different meditations for intention setting as well as lots of music that you can use in the background.








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