Online Mindful Hypnobirthing
Teacher Training

Putting the hypnosis back into hypnobirthing.

Let's cut to the chase.

Hypnobirthing is not all the same.  I'm on a mission to teach people like you hypnosis for birth.  Not relaxation or just scripts but hypnosis how it should be. This course is about putting the hypnosis back into hypnobirthing. 

The power of hypnobirthing exits in the ability to learn and use hypnosis confidently - not just read a script. 

I integrated mindfulness very early on in a unique way and it's this aspect adds something very special to the course.

Sometimes hypnosis is the right tool, but sometimes mindfulness techniques are the answer. 

I'm on of the most experienced birth hypnotherapists in the world and a best selling author.

You'll learn hypnosis tools that empower your clients, create resilience and help them be adaptable. 

A hypnobirthing class for all births, you'll be supported in adapting tools and skilfully applying them to your clients individual needs. 

This course is inspiring and rooted in hypnosis, and mindfulness tools and techniques. 

I'm going to be honest with you. 

I didn't want to do an online training course.  I'm all about the face to face. Especially when learning hypnosis. But, people from all over the world have asked to train in this method. 

I designed it, and it's always been important to me to keep the authenticity of the course by training myself. 

And the only way to do this was to go online. 

I thought long and hard about how I could teach you in this format, and support you to get to grips with these tools.

Whether you are doula adding some skills to your portfolio, a therapist wants to branch out in this field, or you want to be a certified Mindful Hypnobirthing Teacher. 

I want you to feel confident, adaptable, skilful and supported. 

Which is why I have put together an amazing package that means you can have as little or as much support as you need. 

I care about you and the couples who will come on your course.  I really do. 

This is what makes it a training course with a difference.

And....where else can you find hypnobirthing taught by a hypnotherapist and bestselling author with over 15 years experience of training? 

Hello, I'm Sophie and I'll be teaching you. 

Have a peak at how it is to train as a practitioner and the benefits it offers your clients. 



The Mindful Hypnobirthing  course takes the best of hypnobirthing and adds even more by integrating mindfulness tools to create a powerful package of birth preparation that focuses on mindset. Evolved over 15 years it has been taught to thousands of couples all over the world with an emphasis on:

There are different options depending on your needs.  

You may just want to add some tools to your portfolio if you are a doula or birth worker.

You may be a therapist who just needs a course structure, and some tools for birth. 

Or you may want to become a certified practitioner with mentoring, live training, business and client support. 

You can choose the package you want for now and you can always choose to upgrade in the future. 

Train and go!

Want to run your own course with no affiliation to a brand?  Don't need the mentoring and ongoing support?  This option is great for therapists and those already working as a doula or birthworker who want to expand their portfolio. You get access to all the materials.

Tell me more!

Certified Practitioner 

You get access to the full package, live mentoring, live training sessions with me, online support, excellent client materials and business support to get you up and running. Monthly CPD sessions will help you build your skills so you can confidently tailor classes and produce tracks for your clients. 

Tell me more!

Train and Go! £455

If you just want to train in hypnobirthing and don't want to use the trademark or make use of all the ongoing support, mentoring and client support this option is perfect.

Amazing value for money, and access to everything you need to teach a hypnobirthing class.

This is a particularly great option if you are a therapist looking to build your portfolio. 

  • hypnosis training
  • course structure and materials 
  • online training support group
  • script bank 
  • tracks
  • birth basics 
  • downloadable manual
  • downloadable journal
  • option to buy access for your clients to the online parents course for an exclusive fee
I want to buy this package

Certified Practitioner and 12 months of Build your Business* - £755


This option is an incredible offer. You get unlimited access to all the content in the course.  Plus you have 6 months of mentoring, live sessions to support the practical elements of the course. 

  • Use of the Trademark and Mindful Hypnobirthing affiliation
  • All your clients get access to the online parents course for just £69 £20. 
  • Hypnosis training 
  • 6 group mentoring sessions with Sophie
  • Birth Basics 
  • Course structure and materials 
  • Scripts
  • Tracks
  • Central admin support*
  • Booking system*
  • Listing on Find a Practitioner
  • Webpage on the Mindful Mamma site
  • Ongoing CPD*
  • Practitioner support*
  • Clients have access to all materials online for an exclusive fee

*membership fee applied annually after the first 12 months

I want to buy this package

Online Training is perfect if the following are challenges for you. 



Do you really want to train but are

Time Poor

In a different time zone

Balancing a job

Juggling young children

Put off by sitting in front of zoom for hours

Unable to travel

What if you could forget all of that and access
an accredited course that means

You can learn at home

In your own time

In your own space

At your own pace

Still get great support

Get an author led course

And...access one of the most established courses in the world


Yes! I want to train.


I'm incredibly passionate about hypnobirthing and have been training privately and in the NHS for over 15 years.  As a practising hypnotherapist I want to be sure that you are skilled in the tools you are using, and that they are effective hypnosis tools.

Over the years I've seen hypnobirthing called all sorts of things, including relaxation. But it's so much more than that. I really believe that it's important that those teaching hypnobirthing have a robust foundation in hypnosis. 

That's why I go above and beyond to make sure that you are taught the most up-to-date approaches and are constantly offered opportunities to build and improve your practice.

Hypnobirthing isn't just pretty pictures, scripts, visuals and clever marketing it's a powerful therapy. Always remember this, this course will show you how you can give your clients the best of what hypnosis for birth has to offer.

Don't you want your clients to feel empowered instead of just reading from a script?

It's this approach that makes sure your clients build resilience and are able to adapt wherever birth takes them. 


This is an award winning course and it's been accredited by 
the Royal College of Midwives

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Depending on which option you choose, the online learning bank includes

Starting a hypnobirthing business

Marketing materials

Teaching online

Hypnotherapy modules with live video support

Hypnosis Script Bank

Birth basics modules

The Mindful Hypnobirthing course 

Downloadable workbook

Downloadable practitioner manual

Live Learning Options

With the certified option you can choose to attend live sessions with me and have the option to join a monthly Q&A.

If you don’t manage to make all the live sessions? It’s fine, you just join the ones the following month. It’s entirely flexible. And timings are varied so where ever you are in the world you can join in. 


All your clients can get access to a client facing set of resources for just £69 £15. It's even available on an app. 

Imagine how much time and money that's going to save you! 


Course materials available online in exclusive members area

20+ Audio Downloads


An exclusive  Facebook  community group 

Downloadable practice cards

Downloadable Mindful Hypnobirthing Journal


You also have the option to buy hard copies of journals and a book for your
clients to give away in classes.


I particularly like this method (mindfulness and hypno) as it's straightforward and easy to understand and teach. It not only empowers women but also gives them lifelong skills that they can use in all aspects of parenting. 


Having been on this course has made me more passionate about empowering women in labour, birth and beyond.. Being a mindful hypnobirthing practitioner has given me so much confidence in my Doula role


Sophie's training is incredibly well thought out. The whole class as it comes together is genius. The supporting documents, videos and CPD mean that you can always refresh and update. Everything is at your fingertips. 

Other features are


You can record the scripts in your own voice for your clients

The course can be taught in a day, 2x3 hours or 3x2 hours

It’s flexible, you can move the content around so you create your own flow

You can add your own fear release or hypnosis tools if you're a therapist

Train and Go


Top Features

For therapists and those wanting to teach hypnobirthing to couples but who don't need the added benefits or want to be affiliated to Mindful Hypnobirthing

  • access to the hypnosis training
  • access to the birth section
  • access to the course 
  • access to the scripts
  • access to the tracks
  • access to the marketing materials
  • client access to materials at reduced rates

Certified Practitioner


Top features

Become be a certified Mindful Hypnobirthing practitioner with full support and benefits for  a year*

Same as 'train and go' plus:

  • all online training 
  • live CPD sessions
  • access to marketing and business support
  • central support 
  • 6 group mentoring sessions (as and when you need them)
  • access to the practitioners group
  • your own webpage and website listing
  • online certification badge updated annually
  • Client access to full online platform and wide range of materials and tracks worth £55 for just £15 each.

*membership fee from £75 after 12 months. 



I'm not someone who hides behind a screen!  I like to be accessible and want you to know that you have made the right choice. Remember that if you are not sure and want to know more you can book a 15 minute clarity all with me for free.  

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